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Product Description

Lets face it, even though some production companies consider the GoPro Hero an inexpensive “disposable” camera, many of us would rather use it more than once. The best way to increase the life of your GoPro is to protect it. Not only does the CineShark GoPro cage help protect your camera, it also allows you to mount accessories to your camera, or mount the camera to other accessories. It is designed to hold the GoPro Hero, 1, 2, or 3 in its waterproof housing while still allowing you to quickly snap it in and out using the standard GoPro clip system.

So if you need a compact roll cage for your GoPro, this is it! This GoPro exo-skeleton provides 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-18 mounting points on all four sides. A 1/2″-13 is also included for threading a standard 15mm male threaded rod straight into the cage. All threads are designed so you cannot thread a screw through too far and damage your camera.

The cage is machined from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum and hard anodized with a mil-spec type III black finish. This will stand up to about anything you throw at it. Custom colors are also available upon request in type II anodizing.

We will also include, at no additional charge, a zinc plated cap screw. This will work as a galvanic anode if you plan to use the cage in salt water. The salt water will attack the zinc and leave your other metals alone. When the zinc is gone, simply replace it with another cheap, zinc plated screw to continue salt water protection.

The first batch of cages are Type III Milspec anodized, with a matte finish.

Items included:

  • GoPro cage
  • Plastic GoPro clip receiver (pre-installed)

Compatible with:

  • GoPro Hero 4 (all editions)
  • GoPro Hero 3+ (all editions)
  • GoPro Hero 3 (all editions)
  • GoPro Hero 2
  • GoPro Hero

NOTE: You will need a GoPro camera, waterproof housing, and standard mounting clip. All of these items are typically included with your GoPro camera purchase. We provide one (1) GoPro plastic flat mount at no additional charge.

Additional Information

Weight 6.6 oz
Dimensions 5 x 2 x 3.5 in

60 Series Aluminum


Type III Hard Anodized


CineShark Grey

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Anyone who has accidentally destroyed a GoPro…


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